Why Do Network Marketers Fail? – 4 reasons some people never break through

Why do Network Marketers fail?

It is commonly stated that 90% or more of people who join Network Marketing opportunities fail. I have worked with Network Marketers in all kinds of businesses ranging from health and wellness to software, and E commerce.

I don’t know what the exact percentage is, but I would estimate 90% is a relatively accurate number in terms of people who are unable to make their full time breakthrough within their respective business opportunity.

None of what I am about to say has been proven or accredited in any way, these are just my opinions on why some people are able to make the break through and some people are not.  ( If you agree or disagree, lets have a conversation in the comment section 🙂 )

Why do Network Marketers Fail?

Reason number 1 – Most People Are too Comfortable

Maybe you get nervous when asking someone to join your business over the phone… It’s time to get uncomfortable! Being an entrepreneur means you will have to become very good friends with rejection, uncertainty, and discomfort. The fact is… most people will never take action if it means they might have to do something uncomfortable. being an entrepreneur means you will quite regularly have to put yourself in situations that are hard and possibly embarrassing with a high chance of rejection or failure… You have to put in the work without the comfort of knowing you will be rewarded for your efforts. Maybe you will be rewarded with an unknown amount of money at an unknown time in the future if you keep working hard… Yes I know that’s an uncomfortable thought! Yet, the people who become friends with discomfort will usually succeed.

Let’s get real. I have  friends in their 30s who still live with their parents because they are too damn comfortable! Why put in the work when you can just sit around and play Call of Duty all day? Why make those uncomfortable phone calls when it’s way easier to re-watch the entire Game Of Thrones series.  People who are too comfortable typically shy away from doing what it takes to reach their goals.

why do network marketers failSolution – Become friends with discomfort. If you are used to being uncomfortable, it will make uncomfortable things much more bearable to do. I believe that creating positive, powerful habits is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. Get in the habit of putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation EVERY DAY. Like most things, you can start small and work your way up. When I first started practicing this concept, I hated talking on the phone, however, talking on the phone is necessary. To get over this hurdle,  I would make a phone call to the power company ever day and try to negotiate a better deal, even though it was slim to none that I would actually get one. well… eventually I did, but I didn’t care about that. I was just trying to get over my fear of rejection. Believe me, there are plenty of ways to get uncomfortable if you get a little creative with it. Make a phone call that you don’t want to make. Tell your boss you deserve a raise. Ask to take a selfie with a random stranger. If you get in the habit of being uncomfortable, the things that you previously thought were scary now become easy. That includes prospecting new people into your business opportunity, being a more effective communicator, not shying away from potential situations that can result in a huge breakthrough.

Why do Network Marketers Fail?

Reason number 2 – Procrastination

Procrastination is often looked at like a funny and minor thing, but how many people never lived a truly fulfilling life because of it? The old man who never got to travel the world because he procrastinated on starting his business and stayed broke his entire life? The woman who wanted to start a non profit charity to help restore broken pieces of art, but never took action, so she is still just an employee at Office Depot… Procrastination is a disease that infects many of us… Most people will laugh it off and let it consume them until one day when they realize they are 80 years old and procrastinated their way into accomplishing nothing that they wanted to do… The true entrepreneur will understand that procrastination is no laughing matter and do everything in their power to rid themselves of it’s powerful grasp.

Solution – Program your mind to shed procrastination. I found that one of the most effective ways to fight procrastination is to wake up at 5:00 AM and devote an entire hour to self development. By waking up earlier than you normally would, you are already breaking the habit of sleeping in too long.why do network marketers fail As I said before, I think a large portion of your success or failure depends on what kind of habits are programed into your brain. Many of us will sleep as long as possible until our daily duties force us to get up. By getting up earlier than you normally would, you are breaking your normal cycle of procrastination teaching your brain that you are in control. You also have an entire hour to dump positive life changing information into your brain. If you spent an hour every day listening to Tony Robbins,  Zig Ziglar, Tim Ferriss,  watching marketing webinars, or reading books, it will become nearly impossible to approach the rest of your day with a “lazy attitude”. If you do this consistently, your mind will literally re-program itself to be productive. Productivity will become your new habit rather than procrastination.

Why do Network Marketers Fail?

Reason number 3 – The skeptics mentality

I always take advantage of free webinars, podcasts, books, promotions, and I join dozens of peoples marketing lists. Why? Because I want to see what they are doing. It only takes one shift in thought to have a huge breakthrough. One shift in focus, or one new way of looking at something. I find that most of the people who are struggling in their business are close minded toward learning from anyone or anything that is not from their own company.

I used to have the skeptics mentality. I worked on my first business for TWO YEARS with NO RESULTS! You want to know what gave me my first 60K breakthrough? I saw an advertisement for a gimmicky looking program that cost $50 to join. I was low on cash but I was desperate to find something that could help me. I ended up buying the program and inside there were all kinds of “marketing tricks” that I already knew, BUUT, there were also some concepts that I hadn’t previously considered. I started to implement what I had learned from that silly little program, and I went on to make over 60K in the next 6 months using those strategies. From there, everything started to click, and I was able to build a 6 figure business relatively quickly after that. Just one small shift in focus is all it took.

Solution – Many times people will pass up an opportunity to learn something because they are afraid of being taken advantage of. Let me ask you this… Is it more painful to get scammed out of your $50 dollars or is it more painful to lose 60K in profits that you will never make because you were too skeptical to learn something new? A real entrepreneur knows that you have to get uncomfortable. You have invest your time. Sometimes you have to invest your money. Beginners always have this mentality that if it costs money it is probably a scam. If you can find me one entrepreneur who never had to invest time or money on their journey to success I would be very excited to meet them. You will have better luck finding a unicorn. If someone has a new program or system that costs $100 don’t assume they are just trying to get your money. Sometimes that may be the case, but other times you might learn something that will pay for your investment a thousand times over. I find that the people who never break through are those who are unwilling to invest their time or money into educational products and tools that can legitimately help them. The risk is NOT losing $100. The REAL risk is missing out on a potential opportunity to learn something new. Yes, you will lose money from time to time trying out strategies that don’t work, but you will lose a thousand times more in lost opportunities if you are unwilling to invest in yourself and your marketing education.

Why do Network Marketers Fail?

Reason number 4 – The Burn Out

I see new entrepreneurs get all fired up about their business opportunity. They jump in head first. They do everything they are told. why do network marketers failThey work at it for months and months then… NOTHING. It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like you are doing everything right, but you are getting no (or minimal) results. This is called the burn out and EVERYBODY goes through it. You start having thoughts of doubt, frustration, anger. You start to ask yourself… What is the point? Why should I even bother? If it hasn’t worked yet, it probably never will…

If you are not conditioned to being uncomfortable, you will likely succumb to the burn out. If you do not have strong will power, you will likely succumb to the burn out. If you find yourself procrastinating regularly, you will likely succumb to the burn out. If you are too skeptical to invest your time and possibly money to learn new things, you will likely succumb to the burn out.

Solution – Develop a good relationship with rejection, uncertainty and discomfort. Learn to manage your procrastination. Don’t be too skeptical. Follow all of the previous solutions and you WILL survive the burn out and make your breakthrough.

I think 90% or more of people fail because 90% or more of people get involved in a business without having the prerequisite skills or proper mental foundation to support it. Having worked with many aspiring entrepreneurs, I have seen that the ones who are able to go full time in their business are the ones who take the time to master these prerequisite skills.

I hope you do as well!

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