What Is An Autoresponder Service? – Why should YOU use one?

So what is an autoresponder service? You will often hear sales and marketing professionals say “The fortune is in the follow up” If you have ever heard professionals talking about “building a list”, they are often talking about building up the amount of contacts that you have in your autoresponder.

An autoresponder service allows you to communicate effectively with all of your potential prospects and or existing clients and customers without having to email each individual person on a case by case basis. There are many ways to get creative to build a high converting email marketing campaign, but the most common functions of an autoresponder is creating a “follow up series” as well as using the “broadcast capabilities” These two functions are explained with more detail in the video below.

What is an Autoresponder Service?

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I can almost guarantee without the shadow of a doubt that every successful entrepreneur and multi million dollar business is using an autoresponder to manage and communicate with their customer base, and SO SHOULD YOU!

Once you start to get used to managing your contacts, you will be able to create a more advanced email marketing campaign. The image what is an autoresponder serviceon the left shows a common email marketing strategy that is extremely effective. Most people focus and sending traffic to their company website… While that may attracts sales here and there, a far better approach would be to send traffic to a “lead capture page”. This will allow you to “build your list” and give you an opportunity to follow up with those prospects again and again.

I hope this helps answer your questions in regards to what in autoresponder is used for. If you would like to learn how to implement these advanced strategies, be sure to register for this Thursdays webinar with the link below.

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