Number ONE Mistake Network Marketers Make – How to close a deal in Network Marketing

You want to know how to close a deal in Network Marketing? 90% or more of Network Marketers fail because 90% or more of Network Marketers all make the same exact mistake. To understand the number one mistake that Network Marketers make, first you need a understand the psychological evolution of Network Marketing.

Network Marketing was born in a time where the internet played NO role in your success or failure. If you wanted to become successful in Network Marketing, you had to become a true grinder. You know… cold calls, knock doors, host “house parties”…You couldn’t be afraid of rejection. Your days revolved around cold market prospecting in the real world. You had to understand the psychology of sales and become a CLOSER!number one mistake network marketers make - how to close a deal in network marketing

In the early days, Network Marketing was a highly unregulated industry which basically meant the distributors/associates/coaches, could say ANYTHING they wanted in order to recruit more people into their downline.

“Join my business, and you will make 1.2 million dollars in 60 days!”

It sounds silly that people would fall for that kind statement, but think about it from their perspective… Someone rolls up driving a fancy car wearing a nice suit with a nice watch. They walk the walk. They talk the talk.

Back then, you weren’t able to go on Google and do your due diligence. ac9585a9dfb1448cb087e3771249d106You weren’t able to see that it actually takes hard work and dedication to be successful in Network Marketing. Back then, you only had the presentation that was being shown to you. Why is this man successful? Because he’s a fucking closer. He knows exactly what to say and how to say it. He knows how to read your facial expressions. He knows how to trigger your emotional buying process. He knows exactly how to get you fantasizing about your dream life. Most importantly, he knows how to get you to write the check.

This type of “wild west” sales philosophy, of course lead to hoards of people being recruited into Network Marketing companies believing they were going to make the big bucks and be living the good life in no time.

As we know… Network Marketing is no way to get rich overnight, but back then, many Network Marketing reps were presenting it as if you could buy your 10 million dollar dream home in 30 days after joining.

Millions of people spent their hard earned money to join these dream-like opportunities only to find out they had to become a hard core sales closer in order to make any real money. That large majority of people who joined these companies were soon to discover that it was not quite as pleasant as their recruiter had promised. This of course, lead to many lawsuits and litigations which is why Network Marketing is still associated with words like “get rich quick scam” and “pyramid scheme”.

If you’re reading this article, you are probably aware that Network Marketing is no “get rich quick scam” or “pyramid scheme”, but when 100’s of thousands of people are mislead into believing they are going to get rich overnight, it’s not hard to see how Network Marketing gained somewhat of a bad reputation in its early days.

Since then, there have been many regulations passed that don’t allow these companies to operate in a such a misleading way. Even so, modern Network Marketing companies simply can’t afford to be unethical in any way, shape, or form. The internet has allowed people to research everything about a company before they join. The last thing a Network Marketing company wants is to get a bad reputation on the internet. There are many reviewers out there that won’t hesitate to expose a company if they are anything less than outstanding in what they do. The truth is… I love Network Marketing! They do have some of the best products in the world. I am a fan of the industry and the business model. I personally have products from Amway, Beachbody, Isagenix, Arbonne, and many others.

Why Modern day Network Marketing is great.

The internet has forced the dark side of Network Marketing mostly into extinction. It has also allowed those of us who are “less salesy” to have success simply by leveraging social media and other internet-based platforms. You no longer have to cold call, knock on doors, host “house parties” and all of the other offline techniques (although those strategies are still effective)

The Problem.

Network Marketing is certainly recovering from its bad reputation from the past. We are once again seeing a rise of people who are joining Network Marketing companies, BUT I think the internet has also promoted this idea that you no longer have to understand marketing and sales psychology. Sure, you don’t need to get up in someones face and force your pitch on them until they “buy or die” but make no mistake… Your job is to close deals. Guess what. You’re going to need to push yourself out of your comfort zone; do things that aren’t comfortable, have conversations that aren’t comfortable, invest time in your learning, read books, listen to podcasts, watch webinars. You can’t expect to grow your business simply by following your 1-2-3, step-by-step success plan that your upline has you doing. Why? because more often than not, your upline is teaching you WRONG! You need to learn from as many top professionals as you can possibly find. NOT JUST YOUR UPLINE! What worked for them may not work for you. I will give you an example…

Here are some things that your upline may be teaching you that are WRONG.

number one mistake network marketers make - how to close a deal in network marketingI constantly see similar pictures to the one on the right. This is a pretty standard technique that uplines commonly teach their downlines. There are 3 HUGE mistakes that this poor girl is making, and she will probably continue to use this technique for years with no success because she won’t want to listen to anyone except her upline’s “professional teachings”. Can you spot the mistakes?

Mistake 1. Never put the name of your company in your post.

This is a mistake because rather than putting herself in a position where people will contact her, she is simply giving a “shout out” to It Works.

Why this is a problem – People don’t know that you want them to buy through YOU. If someone finds this post slightly interesting they will simply go to Google to get more information about It Works. There is an extremely high chance they will buy directly from the It Works website and bypass you altogether.

Mistake 2. Never hashtag your company name! It’s bad enough that she put her company name in there, but then she proceeded to hashtag it.

Why this is a problem – By hash tagging your company, you are creating a link. If someone clicks that link, now they will be exposed to the other ONE HUNDRED BAZILLION people that are also promoting It Works. Again, the average person doesn’t know that you get a commission if they buy from you, so chances are they will buy from someone else who is marketing better than you.

Mistake 3. Blatant promotion. If people were in the mood to buy things, they would be on Amazon. Not Facebook. People don’t like to be sold when they are just casually strolling through their Facebook news feed. If you normally get 10 – 30+ likes on your pics, but you only get 1 or 2 when you post about your company, that is probably a good indication that you should make some changes about how you post.

Now, I can’t show you an example of what people are doing wrong without showing you an example of what people are doing right. The girl on the left is basically doing everything right. It also happens that I know who this girl is and I know that she makes 7 figures in her business. Coincidence…? I think not.

number one mistake network marketers make - how to close a deal in network marketingSo what is she doing right? Well as you can see, she doesn’t put the name of her company in her post, which will force people to contact her directly rather than just search for more information on Google.

She creates curiosity and conversation by casually mentioning this “green powder”. As you can see in the comments, someone is already asking about the “green powder”. This puts her in a position to create a conversation with this person that she otherwise would not have had.

There is an extreme amount of sales psychology that was put into this simple post. Ironically, it looks 1,000 times less “salesy” than the last example, and people are obviously responding well as you can see by the 60 likes on her post.

At the end of the day Network Marketing as a whole has come a long way, and people are gaining far more success than they ever were in the past. I think the number one mistake Network Marketers make is simply believing that they don’t have to learn or apply real sales and marketing to their businesses. They put too much blind faith into the hand-me-down, step-by-step, 1-2-3 guide to success from their upline without taking the time to learn or understand real marketing and sales psychology.  Network Marketing is a business that requires your own critical thinking. Your upline can provide guidance, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they know everything. I would suggest you take your education into your own hands, and learn from everyone and everything until you develop enough insight to master your craft. Your company provides the products. They provide the website. They provide the merchant accounts and the payment gateways. They provide the customer service and product fulfillment. All you have to do is sell it, so you might as well get good at it. So… put. that. coffee. down. Because coffee is for closers.  😉

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