About Scotty

Scotty cartoon2COLOREDWhat can I say? I don’t dress up in fancy suits and I don’t make cheesy sales pitches with rented Lamborghini’s to try and sucker people into believing my systems will turn them into an overnight millionaires.

What I can tell you is that I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the process of online lead generation and internet marketing as a whole. I have used my strategies to generate leads for businesses of all kinds. Many of which are now earning 6 and 7 figure annual incomes.

Direct Sales? MLM? Affiliate Marketing? From very early on I knew that if I could learn how to generate an unlimited supply of leads I would always have job security. After all… What business couldn’t use more sales? I live a very active life and becoming an entrepreneur was really the only option that could fit my lifestyle, so I put my nose down and began to study through good old fashioned trial and error.

So what’s the catch…? Well for one thing there are thousands of self proclaimed internet marketing “gurus” and only a tiny handful of them are actually legit. After being in the business for a few years you can start to identify very quickly which strategies have merit and which ones don’t.

I don’t claim to know everything about lead generation, but I have picked up my own style of marketing that works for me and it has generated millions of leads for myself and the companies that I have worked for. That’s right… MILLIONS. So what is my secret? Well… setting up a SYSTEM of course. In the internet marketing world, lead generation really comes down to your system. In most cases this is commonly known as a sales funnel. If you can learn how to build a good sales funnel then what you are really doing is building an asset. You are building a system that will work for you even when you are not physically working yourself, and that is the key to creating a business that is scale-able and will earn residual income for you. The first thing that you need to ask yourself is: “What is my budget”? I think it’s funny that most people don’t think twice when they spend $60 at the bar ever other day, but spending a little money on personal development, business tools, or strategies is like asking them to stick a hot fork in their own eye. If you want to be a self sufficient entrepreneur, investing in yourself and your business should be your number 1 priority.

One thing that I constantly get asked is about the “guarantee”.

“Scotty Scotty if I use your systems how many leads can you guarantee!?”

If you go to Home Depot and buy a roofing hammer I can guarantee that the hammer works fine. What I can not guarantee is that you know how to whack a nail in straight.

There is much more to internet marketing than the tools themselves. You must also understand the psychology of sales and know how to take people through a buying process that converts.  So what is the guarantee? The guarantee is that the tools work, but ultimately it is up to you to become a master at using them.

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